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Staying Motivated When Working From Home

The decision to work from home involves many considerations; however one consideration that is often overlooked is that maintaining motivation when at home can be a challenge. Many people find that after the initial excitement of starting their own business, it is difficult to sustain the motivation that spurred them to action originally. Some people will find that without the collaboration of co-workers, work no longer holds the same level of creativity and energy that they once experienced in the work place.

There are many suggested ways of creating a work at home environment that will facilitate staying motivated. In the same way that launching a new business takes careful planning, overcoming the obstacles that can interfere with sustained motivation requires a well mapped out plan of action. Devising a system that will help you to preserve your motivation is a key ingredient in succeeding when working online.

Tips to Help Maintain Motivation

1) Remember your “WHY”. Most individuals who make the decision to work from home have a strong WHY along with long-term goals. Having your why and your goals in constant sight can serve as a powerful motivator. Many people use pictures or motivational quotes to assist them is staying motivated.

2) Maintain Scheduled Office Hours. Treat your work at home job the same way you would a real job that you would have outside the home. During scheduled work hours, do not attend to personal matters or take personal calls. Utilize this time for accomplishing those tasks you have identified as vital to the success of your business. Plan your schedule so that you focus your energies on your most challenging jobs at the time when you are at your best and least likely to have interruptions.

3) Schedule Breaks. Just as important as setting hours when you are to work is determining times when you will take short breaks throughout your work day. An occasional break during the workday will help to renew and refresh you. It is also important to include time for short vacations; vacations are needed whether you are working outside the home or working from home.

4) Review Your Accomplishments. Begin each day with a To Do list. As you complete tasks on the list, cross them off the list. At the end of the day, review what you have completed. You can also set deadlines for your scheduled tasks; make note at the end of the day of how many deadlines you have met.

5) Reward Your Accomplishments. Set daily and weekly goals that will lead you closer to your long-term goals. Track these goals and determine a small reward for reaching them. It can be as simple as a coffee break or going out to dinner; the important thing is to recognize your progress and compensate it accordingly.

6) Take Care of Yourself. It is vital that you get enough rest, eat well, have time to exercise and engage in relaxing activities; consequently, when you are at work you will be more likely to have the necessary energy to stay focused on those tasks you have identified for success.

7) Don’t Isolate Yourself. Working from home should not mean that you completely isolate yourself. It is important that you maintain work contacts both online and off line. There are groups both online and off line that have been established for the purpose of networking. Having others with whom you can share your goals, consult about problems, and develop ideas can serve as a strong motivator.

8) Maintain Off Hours. Equally important as working during work hours is learning not to work on the hours you have scheduled as free time. Over the long run, constantly overworking yourself will cause you to feel discouraged and frequently will diminish your motivation instead of fueling it.

What methods prove effective in sustaining motivation will vary for each individual; it may involve trial and error in an effort to discern those methods that successfully help each person to stay motivated. Recognizing the importance of providing ways to stimulate and maintain motivation will help an individual to successfully transition to his/her new work at home business.

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10 Easy tips on how to work from home

1. Plan your day the night before.

Have a list of to do things ready the night before of high and low priority. Aim to have things done before they become urgent so you are not always putting out fires. It is always easier to remember the things you need to do next when you are in the flow of activity, and so easier to get back into the zone the next day.

2. Take half a day to plan your week.

This was the hardest one for me to get into the habit of doing. I mistakenly thought that I could not afford to take that time out of my busy schedule. What I found after putting this into practice is that ‘busy’ time is not always productive time. Better to know exactly what you need to achieve and have a week that is already booked up with appointments or activities to move you towards your goal than to be planning minute to minute and just reacting to day to day emergencies.

3. Sharpen the saw.

This is a popular one in the personal development books. Another biggie for me in that I have always favored the manic approach to work. I would do as much as I could possibly cram in, and stop only when exhausted. People with those kinds of additive personalities especially need to pay attention this one. Take a day off at least once a week. The winning formula is to really take that time. Don’t keep jumping onto email and mobiles as you will not be refreshed. I found the world and the workplace keeps turning even if I go to the cinema for a couple of hours! Put yourself first or you will be of little use to anyone else.

4. Take regular breaks.

This is a discipline for most people. Some thrive on exercise but it seems that most don’t! We lead sedentary lives and the more successful we are with online activities the less likely we are to move around. Schedule in some breaks and do what you love to do. DVD exercise sessions are good to do at home. Sit in the garden and relax for 20 minutes while you eat lunch instead of hunching over the laptop and dropping crumbs in-between the keys! I’m a great one for power napping. Take 20 minutes of guilt free power nap – that is a huge benefit of working from home. You will find that this can add hours of extra productive time to your day. Einstein did it so don’t feel guilty on this one.

5. Limit internet time.

I am a terrible culprit here. I confess to being a skype addict and hop on and off my e mail as many times as my daughter’s will let me near the laptop. This is an obvious one and we know when we’re doing it so the best thing is to just stop! Develop a routine i.e.; first thing in morning check e mails and jump onto skype or whatever your communication tool is. Send the messages you need to send and then get off. Log off so you can then focus on daily tasks without distraction.

6. Resist being on call 24 hours (aka. The superhero syndrome)

Your team/co workers can survive without you – I promise! They may even surprise you and come up with something better than they would have done with you checking on them every couple of hours.

7. Have office space.

Working from home is a serious business. Make the space, even if it’s a desk in the corner of the bedroom.

8. Set the family rules and guidelines.

Your family need to understand that you are serious about this and the benefits are huge but they need to be taught to respect your working space and time.

9. Focus on specific tasks

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean it’s time to vacuum or dust mid-morning. Have a schedule and stick to it. If that’s what you want to do in your break then fair enough!

10. Employ yourself test

Keep a note of all your completed work tasks for the day. Look in the mirror at the end of it and ask yourself, honestly, whether you performed to the best of your ability that day. The truth will be looking right back at you!

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