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The following printables are the property of Tammy Paquin, owner of Frugal Families.

Kids coupons – variety of coupons you can give as rewards or for allowances and such.

Kids Coupon Page 1

Kids Coupon Page 2

Lunch Box Notes

To-do Lists. There are three designs to choose from! Each sheet will provide two lists.

To-Do list design 1

To-Do list design 2

To-Do list design 3

Steps Journal – Print a journal that can help you visualize all those calorie burning steps you’re taking and help keep you motivated!!!

Pantry Inventory – Save money and time by keeping track of everything you have in your pantry! By knowing what you HAVE and do NOT have, you save running to the store to buy quick last minute items or buying items you never really needed in the first place.

Shopping Lists– Three different designs to choose from!

Shopping List 1

Shopping List 2

Shopping List 3

Price Sheets help you to keep track of the best price you have found for your favorite items. By keeping a price book, you know whether or not the price you see is THE best price you’ve ever bought something at and if a “deal” is really a deal at all.

Price Sheet 2

Price Sheet 3

Daily expense tracking sheets help you keep track of the pennies. Those pennies quickly add up to dollars and those dollars might very well serve you better in other parts of your budget!

Daily Expense Tracking Page 1

Daily Expense Tracking Page 2

Monthly Expense Tracker

Here is a menu planning sheet to help you plan out your menus. By planning your menu ahead of time, you utilize your pantry, you plan for what you need and get it all in one shopping trip (no unexpected and expensive last minute grocery store trips because you didn’t have something), and you avoid nights where there’s, “nothing for dinner” and you buy *gasp* dinner out!

Emergency Kitchen Substitutions-Running out of something in the middle of baking or cooking is frustrating.  Often it could mean a trip to the store, costing you time and gas but here is a list of emergency substitutions you can print up and keep for those emergency kitchen moments.

Free Printable Emergency Kitchen Substitution List

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