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7 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Holiday Cards

Are you tired of scraping scotch tape off of your windows and doors after every Christmas season? There are other ways to display your greeting cards.

Let us look at some of them:

1. Get some of that great new wall adhesive that can peel right off the walls when you are through using it. Hang a couple of wide ribbons of various lengths down the wall, and then simply tape your cards to the ribbon. The whole thing will peel off in seconds when you want to remove it.
2. You don’t want to use tape even on the ribbon? Okay…buy some of those cute little plastic clothespins and clip them on instead.
3. Hang a large bulletin board on the wall and use stick pins to attach your cards.
4. Get a large piece of green felt, cut it in the shape of a Christmas tree and hang it on the wall. Some two sided tape, or even velcro stick on strips can be used to attach the cards to the tree.
5. If you have any glass covered tables, end tables, coffee tables, or cradenzas, you can slide the cards under the glass to display them.
6. Tack them onto your mantle, or stand them on top of it.
7. Poke a hole in the top corner, run a string through it, and hang them from the branches of your tree. If the tree is not big enough, why not string them on a longer cord and hang them across a wall or window. If you do this, make a knot between each card so that they don’t all slide together.

People are always inventing new and unique ways to show off their cards without cluttering up their living area. Stores sell trees especially designed to hold cards, and there are electronic devices that will display digital cards and pictures, but sometimes the simplest ways are still the best ways.

My favorite is to simply stack them all in a big basket and let visitors thumb through them and read the cards. And what could be easier than that?

Now that you know more about your holiday cards and how to display them with ease, you are well on your way towards having a decorating idea come to fruition and blend into your overall holiday decorating theme.

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Keepsake Christmas Ornament Box

I love handmade Christmas ornaments. Throughout the years I have collected a number of them, made by myself and several family members. These ornaments will make great keepsakes for our children and grandchildren.

I have been looking for a creative way to store these keepsake ornaments. In the past I have stored them with all my other tree ornaments, but I wanted a special place to store them, especially my daughter’s ornaments that we have been collecting for her throughout the years.  After purchasing about $20 in supplies and spending a couple of hours working on the project, I ended up with a beautiful keepsake ornament box that I hope my daughter will cherish for years to come.

To complete this project, you will need:

– Unfinished wooden box with lid
– Modge Podge (for decoupaging)
– Christmas cards
– Scissors
– Paint brushes
– Craft paint (optional)
– Acrylic sealer/finisher spray

Mod Podge CS11202 Original 16-Ounce Glue, Gloss Finish

Large Storage Box – Natural Cedar

All of the above items can be purchased at a craft store. The
craft store I went to had a variety of boxes to choose from. I
chose a small box that was $12.99. It was just what I was
looking for!

The box I chose has a raised border around the edges that looked
like it would be difficult to work around with decoupaging, so I
chose to paint it instead. I painted all the borders with
several coats of red acrylic paint.

Next I went through a big pile of old Christmas cards to find
suitable images to decoupage onto the box. This was the fun
part! Not only can you cut out pictures, you can also cut out
holiday sentiments from friends and family members. Just in the
past couple of years, several members of our extended family have
passed away, and projects such as this keepsake ornament box are
a great way to remember lost loved ones. Cut the cards into a
variety of sizes and shapes.

Using a paintbrush, apply Modge Podge or a similar decoupage
medium to the back of your cut out, then place the cut out on the
box. Paint a coating of Modge Podge over the cut out. Continue
pasting cut outs to the side of the box until it is covered, then
go over the entire side again with another coating of Modge
Podge. After the box is completely dry, you can apply another
coating for good measure.

After the box is complete (and dry), you can spray an acrylic
sealer/finisher spray over the entire box to protect the artwork
and eliminate the tackiness of the decoupage.

That’s it! There is no limit to the possibilities of decorating
this beautiful ornament box. I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan
to line the inside of the box with felt to give it a more
finished look.

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Photo of finished keepsake ornament box: Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer and mom of four. For scrapbooking, card making, gift-giving ideas, and more family memory-making activities, visit

Keepsake Christmas Album

Do you hate throwing your Christmas cards away every year as much as I do? This year I decided to try to come up with some way to preserve our Christmas cards, as well as find a way to organize all the Christmas letters I’ve been faithfully filing away for the past six years. I decided to make an album for our Christmas letters using decoupage to decorate the covers with this year’s Christmas cards.

I love decoupage. It’s so easy to do and so versatile. It’s really hard to get it wrong. I started by finding something to paste the Christmas cards on. I had some dark red card stock (next to the paper at the office supply store) that seemed heavy enough to withstand all the gluing. Next I cut our Christmas cards into all different shapes and sizes. I cut out little characters, scenes, holiday greetings, and even signatures of loved ones who had sent the cards. I next arranged the cutouts, overlapping one another, on the card stock, and started applying them one by one with the decoupage finish.

There are several kinds of decoupage finish available. You can find a variety at your local craft store. I have two different kinds: Plaid Royal Coat Antique Decoupage Finish, and Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre. The first one gives an antique-like appearance. The paste yellows when it dries, making your collage look aged. The more you apply, the yellower it gets. The Mod Podge dries clear. I used the antique finish and was quite happy with the result. You use the finish to actually glue the individual pieces on with a paintbrush, and then when you’re finished (adding scraps here and there to fill in the blank spots), you brush a coat over the entire page. After it dries for about 10 minutes, you can apply another coat. I found that adding several coats made the pages sturdier-more like a album cover, like I wanted. I had just enough Christmas card cutouts to cover two pages, one for the front cover, and one for the back cover.

Mod Podge CS11202 Original 16-Ounce Glue, Gloss Finish

After the pages were dry, I used a three-hole punch to punch holes in the covers. I decided I would use wide fabric holiday ribbon to tie the covers together. That way every year I could untie the bows and add new letters to my album. I used 2 1/2 -inch-wide wire satin ribbon (dark red). I liked the wire ribbon. It was easier to adjust the bows and looked really nice. It was also leftover from my holiday gift making this year, so I didn’t have to buy any extra.

When the covers were ready, I arranged our Christmas letters from oldest to most recent, and punched holes in all of them. I then placed them between the covers and inserted the ribbon through the holes and tied big red bows to hold them together. I chose not to string ribbon through all three holes-just the top and the bottom.

I was really happy with how my keepsake Christmas album turned out. It was easy, took only about two hours to make, and I didn’t have to buy anything extra to make it. After you buy the decoupage finish (about $5 a bottle), the uses for it are almost limitless. You can apply it to almost any surface, giving you the opportunity to create timeless keepsakes in a variety of ways.

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Originally published at Suite 101. Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer and mom of four. For scrapbooking, card making, gift-giving ideas, and more family memory-making activities, visit

Lighted Holiday Potpourri Jars

Lighted potpourri jars are a festive addition to any holiday decor. They are inexpensive, easy to make, and make great hostess gifts.


1 package Christmas lights (20-bulb strand)
Wide-mouth canning jar
Holiday ribbon
Pine cones, small holiday decorations
Doily or holiday fabric cut to fit over the mouth of the canning jar
Glue gun


Plug in light strand and see if any bulbs are burned out and need to be replaced. Arrange light strand and potpourri in canning jar while lights are on so you�ll be able to get it just right and be able to see what it will look like when it�s finished.

Place doily or fabric on top of jar, arranging the cord of the light strand so it�s coming out where you want the back to be. Tie some ribbon around the neck of the jar to hold the fabric in place. When you get it arranged the way you like it, use the hot glue gun to glue the fabric and ribbon down in several places so it will hold.

Decorate the outside of the jar with festive decorations like pine cones or artificial holly berries. Craft stores have a variety of holiday decorations you can cut apart and re-arrange any way you like.

Experiment with different potpourri scents. The lights in the jar will warm up the potpourri and help the scent fill the room. These jars are very pretty and will look different depending on if you use clear or colored lights. These are great for last-minute present ideas or hostess gifts. Happy holidays!

Photo of finished project:

One-Hour Christmas Crafts (Leisure Arts #15851)

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Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer and mom of four. For scrapbooking, card making, gift-giving ideas, and more family memory-making activities, visit

Salt Dough for making Christmas Ornaments

Basic dough recipe:

  • one cup of fine salt
  • one cup of flour
  • about half a cup of water

Mix the flour and the salt together in a large bowl. Depending on the flour brand, you may need a different amount of water so it is best to make a well in the center and pour in the water. You have to knead until smooth and elastic and non-sticky dough.
Shape the dough into a ball and wrap it into a plastic film in order to prevent it from drying. The dough is now ready to be used.
Variations :

Add more flour and you’ll get a softer dough
Add more salt and the aspect of the sculptures will be granular
Add wallpaper glue and the dough will be more cohesive

Use cookies cutters to Cut shapes outs, or form them like you would clay. Insert paper clips for hangers and bake at 200 degrees until hard. Times will vary depending on thickness of item, so check frequently. Dough may be stored in fridge in airtight container, or plastic wrap.

For more wonderful homemade crafts and ideas for Christmas, consider this book:

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