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Spring Maintenance for Your Home

By Fisher Swanson

Winter weather can be very hard on the exterior of your home. Here are some good things you can do in Spring to find and repair any damage done by the ravages of winter.

Inspect Your Gutters

Spring is a good time of year to check your gutters. If you are in an area with snow, sometimes the weight of the snow can pull your gutters away from the fascia of your house. Nail any drooping gutters back to the fascia. The next time you get a good rain, make sure the gutters are draining correctly and that water is being channelled 3 to 4 feet from your house.

Inspect Your Roof

Inspect your roof for loose shingles and remove any large branches. You can probably put off a major cleaning until summer but you will want to repair any broken tiles or shingles as soon as possible. If you are inspecting from the ground, use a pair of binoculars to get a better view.

Get Your Air Conditioner and Fans Ready

Get your air conditioner maintenance done before hot weather hits. Check your manual for recommended annual maintenance. Much of it can be done yourself and will increase the output of the air conditioner and save you money on electricity. Table and floor fans also get dusty. Clean the fan blades and cages before using them.

Around the Foundation

Check the grading around your house and make sure that the ground is sloping away from your house. Make sure that no plants or dirt comes into contact with the wood siding of your house. Inspect your foundation for cracks and patch any that you find. Also, check the siding of your home for mildew. It can be removed with a solution of1 part chlorine bleach to 3 parts water. If any of the bleach water gets on to your plants, make sure you rinse them well as soon as possible.

Caulking and Stain

Inspect the caulking around the outside of your house. Patch any caulking that is missing or damaged. Another place that there may be caulking is around your chimney. If you have a wood fence, deck or outdoor furniture you should inspect it in the spring to see if you are going to need to re-stain it. Staining your outdoor furniture and fencing will dramatically increase their lifetime.

Fisher Swanson writes for ThriftyFun.com. For more information visit: http://www.thriftyfun.com