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May/June 2008 Newsletters

Why Not Refrugal?

While the politicians and the economists quibble over whether we’re in an economic slow down or a recession, here at Frugal Families we are quite certain that there’s never been a better time to be frugal. It seems everywhere you turn, the media is jumping on the frugal bandwagon. Little did we know, we would be the trendsetters.

Many of our members are busy reviewing the basics and contemplating just how guerilla they can be. April saw not only many new faces on the boards, but a return of many former members. I guess you could say we are in a state of refrugal-ing.

So whether your struggling with rising gas prices, trying to stretch your grocery budget farther or you’re trying to beef up your savings, this is the place to be. Come join us as we refrugal!

Mother’s Day is around the corner. So many members agreed that they didn’t have to have alot of money spent on them to have a great Mother’s Day. A day of no fighting, squabbling, someone else doing the meal preparations and laundry and a nice bath with a few candles and peace and quiet would suit many of us just fine. OH and don’t forget the famous handprint cards from the kids! I have found two new articles about Mother’s Day for you. One is a great tribute to moms and the other is the perfect “recipe” to a great Mother’s Day for mom!

A Tribute to Moms.

The Recipe for a Perfect Mother’s Day

Okay, we can’t forget dad but before dad’s day we need to remember that winter is over and if you’re a home owner, that means taking an afternoon to inspect and protect your biggest investment; your home!

Simple Home Maintenance

Okay, now onto Father’s Day. My husband said he’d be really happy if I would let him golf all day! OH and maybe make him steaks for dinner. Albeit not that frugal, my husband hasn’t been able to golf nearly as much as he used to since having kids.

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