The Complete Tightwad Gazette

Book Review – The Complete Tightwad Gazette

Author Amy Dacyczn does an outstanding job teaching readers not only how to save money, but why save money. She has a very good blend of practical tips, as well as philosophy. If you need to jump start your budget, this book is well worth the regular retail price, many times over.

Some readers feel that the author goes overboard in her quest to save money; a few tips may seem too obscure, too difficult, or not worth the time involved. Others appreciate her ability to look at money saving ideas from nearly every angle imaginable. Regardless, people needing an extreme budget makeover will find every idea helpful.

A compilation of the author’s newsletters she published for several years, this book is also available in three separate volumes: Tightwad Gazette Volumes One, Two, and Three. This book contains all three of these volumes, plus about ninety pages of additional articles. It’s 959 pages long and seems to be organized chronologically according to the publication of her newsletters. It is not organized by topic or alphabetically. This is not a criticism, just an observation.

People desiring a more simple lifestyle will love this book, as many money saving practices are totally compatible with a simplified lifestyle.

As a reference book, you will turn to it again and again. The index is very well populated, and turning to it for a specific solution is a breeze. For example, if your washing machine is leaking, you will find an idea for fixing it that costs about $3.

The author’s straightforward yet humorous writing style is very refreshing. You see a definite improvement of her writing as the book progresses. This is not to imply that her writing is bad in the beginning, because it isn’t.

Read at your own risk, because Amy Dacyczn may alter your money ideas forever.

About the Author: Jennifer A. Thieme home schooled her three children for nine years and has homeschooling articles that appeared in Practical Homeschooling.

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