Simplicity – a changing lifestyle?

There are many articles and books being written on simplicity. It seems to be the latest craze of the baby boomers. We are all getting older and are getting tired of the endless work day, the demands on our lives by others, and we are searching for a simpler way of life.

For us, simplicity was changing our lifestyle. It meant giving up some things, but it has also meant that we gained a lot.

We gave up:

job security and, more so, a weekly paycheck
the house and the cottage
the luxury of two cars in the driveway
dining at fine restaurants every week
buying the expensive clothes
buying on impulse
the conveniences of city life
Many people thought we were crazy to leave our jobs and move to the country. And a lot of people thought we would never last, that it was just a phase we were going through. They thought we would not be able to handle the isolation of country life, especially during the winter months.

Well, it has been a year since we gave up everything and moved to the country. And we love it. We would never want to go back to the pace of life that we had, nor do we miss the things we gave up.

We have gained:

the freedom to do what we want, when we want, how we want! That in itself is worth all that we have given up
we have an appreciation for nature that we never previously had as we were too busy to even notice
we have fresh vegetables, and home cooking
we do what we love to do, so it is not like work
a relaxing way of life, where complications don’t exist unless we complicate it
a simpler way of life!
In fact, what we have gained, simplicity, far out weights what we gave up!

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