Simple, Inexpensive Christmas Decorations for the Birds!

With the Christmas season approaching, many children have time off from school.

One activity that will create lots of fun and provide many hours of pleasure for children and for adults, and more so for the birds, is to string popcorn and cranberries together.

Popcorn is inexpensive. And, the cranberries can be purchased at any bulk store. We buy the dried cranberries, as they are easy to work with.

Steps for this simple, but fun project are:

* – put on your favorite Christmas music
* – thread your needle
* – pop your popcorn
* – set up dishes with your popcorn and cranberries
* – then string the popcorn and cranberries through your thread, one after another
* – once done, you can then go outside and decorate
* – wrapping your strings of cranberries and popcorn around a tree or hang over a bush

Have your children check and see how much the birds have eaten. Children will have great fun watching the popcorn and cranberries disappear!

The birds will also benefit from this simple, inexpensive project.

Start a Christmas tradition that will be a wonderful memory for children and adults alike!

About the Author: – Catherine Pulsifer is one of the authors of Stress Less Country – a lifestyle change! A journey to a simplified lifestyle – visit the site for a collection of articles, thoughts, quotes, and stories on: simplicity, stress, gardening, recycle & reuse, country crafts, saving money tips, and Atlantic Canada.

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