Money Saving Kitchen Tips

1.  Save the plastic bags that your cereal comes in as it has many excellent uses. It makes a great freezer wrap (put in meats, etc) You can also use it for coating chicken or potatoes
2. Use less meat by adding oatmeal or tsp (textured soy protein) This cooks up like hamburger meat but has no taste. I add it half and half with hamburger meat for taco’s, spaghetti, sloppy Joe’s etc and no one can tell. I have also used 1/4th oatmeal to 3/4’s ground meat with great results.

3. Dice up green peppers, onions, and celery, flash freeze on a cookie sheet, and store in Ziploc bags. If you buy them on sale, then you will have them for when they are too expensive.

4. Recipe call for self rising flour but you just have regular flour? Just add 1tsp baking powder and 1/4th tsp salt per cup of flour.

5. Cut your SOS pads in half or even fourths. You will get the same cleaning power out of them but they will last a lot longer.

6. Do you have a pan that has stuck on food that is hard to get off? Put a half of a dryer sheet (dollar store brand works great) and fill with water.. the next morning the food will wipe right out.

7. Drop an egg? Sprinkle salt on it and it will wipe right up.

8. Clean with baking soda and vinegar and keep a spray bottle with a little bit of bleach and filled with water.

9. For fast cleanup in your microwave nuk a glass bowl of water until it boils and then let sit for 5 minutes. Everything will wipe right out.

10. Store brown sugar in the freezer, it prevents it from getting hard.

11. Instead of throwing out your bread heels save them in a freezer bag and use them late for bread crumbs.

12. Dilute juices with water (kids will never know the difference if you do it when they are young and they will get use to it if they are older)

13. Keep a Tupperware type bowl in your freezer to add leftover veggies to it to use in soups and stews for later.

14. If you like fresh soft cookies put a piece of bread into your cookie tin or jar. This will keep them soft and fresh.

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