Money Saving Baby Tips

1.  Use cloth diapers instead of disposables
2. Breast feed
3. Make your own baby food and freeze them into an ice cube tray. Once they are frozen pop them out and store in a freezer bag.
4. Shop yard sales for baby clothes and onsies… always buy bigger sizes if you find good deals and store them until the baby grows into them.
5. Sign up on websites to get freebies and coupons. Formula places always send out free full size samples and money saving checks.
6. Use generic formula (Wal-Mart’s and Target brands have the Good Housekeeping seal and are recommended by most pediatricians (if you ask them) (all formula is regulated by the FDA so they have to abide by certain standards) When you use the more expensive formula you are paying for the advertising.
7. Be sure to check to see if you qualify for WIC, if you do, it will pay for much of your babies food needs in the first year.

8. Make your own baby wipes or even forget them all together and use torn up towels or wet paper towels.  You can make your own baby wipe solution  by using equal parts baby shampoo and baby oil, add 2 cups of water, mixing  and pour over paper towels  or soft rags  in a container.

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