Accepting A Life of Simplicity

Once we discover our purpose we then have to make a commitment to pursue that purpose. Often we discover that our lifestyles will be altered once that commitment is made. Perhaps we have to live with less. We are then challenged to redefine our basic needs verses wants.

Some people never assess their primary needs. They continue to pursue their “wants”. If people really assessed their primary needs and concerns they may realize that putting in that overtime at work wasn’t really necessary. They could have put in some overtime with their family or loved ones instead. Or they could have put some overtime in on doing something they really loved to do. Material items do not replace time.

Sometimes we have to do without basic utilities, fancy clothing, and even vehicles. If we stop to recognize what we really need, we realize how insignificant material items truly are. In fact we may even learn that our focus on ourselves reaches a higher level of concentration when we do not have added extremities to concern ourselves with.

Living a life of simplicity does not mean that we have to have an impoverished spirit. In fact one may find their true richness when they are forced to live simply. Often we find it is almost an essential right of passage when we embark on our path. It seems that when we pursue something that we long for in life, we are forced to make sacrifices along the way. Consider yourself fortunate if you are appointed to experience this lifestyle as you will walk away with more than what you left.

So that when success does reach our doorstep we have a humble approach to its offerings as we know we can live with less. We discover that simplicity becomes a key element to not only who we are, but who we intend to be.

Artist and Inspirational Author Heather J. Tait work and articles are displayed internationally. She is the founder of Silence Speaks International Artist Association and the Editor of Intrigue Magazine. Published books include, Making Your Purpose Your Business and Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships. Email: Silence Speaks

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