Fast and Reusable Halloween Costume Ideas

In this economy, it’s nice to be able to have a Halloween costume that is fast, easy and cheap not to mention something that you could use AFTER Halloween.  The key to this is attaching decorations with a few SIMPLE stitches (tacking stitches that are easily taken out the day after Halloween) or using self-adhesive felt which easily peels off.  Sweatshirts bought inexpensively (craft stores almost always have plain, inexpensive t-shirts and sweatshirts)  work nice for several of these projects because you can add a 3-D effect by stuffing spare clothing or towels under the sweatshirt to bulk out the “pumpkin” or “strawberry” or any other creation.

Black Clothing Ideas:
•    Witches and Wizards-You can easily turn black clothing into this with a simple hat and cape and a wand (think straight- looking stick) and you never even have to touch the clothing.  SAFETY TIP-Attach snap type light-stick to the hat or some other article of clothing so that your dark-clothed treater is safe after dark!

Swiss Cheese anyone?
•    Yellow clothing with black felt holes.  Maybe a toy mouse attached to their hat that looks like it’s ready to enjoy a snack?

Orange Colored Clothing:
•    Pumpkins-Use self-adhesive style black felt to cut out jack-o-lantern face parts and attach them to the shirt.  You can create a stem hat if you want.  Fill out your “pumpkin” by stuffing a few small towels under the shirts and then tie at the waist to keep the towels from falling out.

•    Okay, are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes?  Depending on your answer, you can create a zebra with either black clothes and white self-adhesive felt stripes or white clothes with black self-adhesive felt stripes.

Red Clothing Ideas
•    Strawberry-Cut out small, oval seeds from light brown or tan self-adhesive felt and attach them evenly around the red sweatshirt.  Cut out two strawberry leaves from felt and attach them to a green hat (remember to make them big-your trick-or-treater is a BIG strawberry).

Brown Clothing
•    Potato-Okay, you can have a lot of fun with this basic idea.  Use black and white self-adhesive felt and make eyes.  Yes, I mean REAL looking eyes.  Make them look like cartoon eyes of different shapes (look at comics or kids books to see all the ways that eyes are shaped).  Cover your potatoes with “eyes”!  Simple but fun and a great play on words.

These are just a few basic ideas but you can see how simple, same colored clothing can easily be transformed into a Halloween costume that quickly converts back into usable clothing again the next day.  In addition, many of these ideas can be done by the kids themselves, making it even more fun

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