Family Activities for Lent and Easter – Mosaic Crosses

To help your child focus on the Prayer aspect of our Lenten observation and devotions in anticipation of the Easter season, make a family mosaic cross.
Two types of crosses can be made:
Fun Foam Cross – Using art foam, cut out a basic cross shape for the background. Then, using other colors of art foam (available at any craft or discount store), cut smaller pieces of “mosaic” and apply them to the cross background to create an overall mosaic effect.
A fun variation of this project might be to make the cross background, and then apply small “mosaic” tiles when the child is observed being helpful, loving, or of service around the home. Can your child fill the cross with love “tiles” by the end of Lent?

Crayon “Stained Glass” Cross
Have your child cut two identical cross shapes from waxed paper. Using old or broken crayons and a dull kitchen knife, scrape the crayons to create shavings of various colors. Spread the crayons on one of the pieces of waxed paper in a desired pattern. Then place the second waxed paper cross over the top of the first cross and the shavings.

An adult should complete the following step: Using a warm iron, press the two pieces of waxed paper together. Find a sunny spot to hang your creation and remember to offer a prayer of love and thanksgiving each time you lay eyes on your beautiful cross.

Lisa M. Hendey
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