Cute as a Button Handprint Cat

This adorable cat is made by tracing your child’s hand, but have them leave their fingers together and the thumb outstretched (like a pair of mittens).

The hand print is at the bottom of the body of the cat, like he’s sitting on a window or on someplace.  The thumb becomes the tail sticking out.  Add a circle for the head and two small triangles for the ear, small circles for the eyes and some whiskers and you’re all set!

Black paper makes for great Halloween cats.  A wonderful way to preserve those little hands that grow so quickly, too!

Dana L. Eppele is the stay at home-schooling mom of two creative daughters and wife to one incredibly comical husband. Together as a family, they enjoying living life to its fullest in Southern California.  Dana is also a moderator at Frugal-Families.

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