8 Ways of Spoiling Mum on Mother’s Day

Mum maybe just five feet in her stockinged feet but she sure towers over the rest of you. Simply put, she is the epicenter of the family and the one who holds everyone and everything together. But, almost all of us are guilty of taking mum for granted — which is in a positive, she-is-there-for-me kind of a way. But, once in a while even mum needs to hear and see how much you love her.

Mothering Sunday is almost here, offering the perfect opportunity to spoil her and make her feel like the best mum in the world. Are you guilty of giving her the same old flowers and chocolates every year? Break out of the mold and think of something creative.

Make Mum go misty-eyed on Mother’s Day with these unusual and thoughtfully chosen gifts:

1. Designer gift basket
Give her an eye-catching gift basket containing a whole lot of goodies – her favorite author’s bestseller, some lip-smacking gourmet snacks and her favorite chocolates, and designer bath and body products. Have the hamper prettily decorated with ribbons and tassels and add a huge bouquet of assorted flowers to go with it. Don’t forget to slip your card inside the bouquet.

2. Pamper mum!
Mum never seems to get tired as she flits from one chore to the next, with hardly any rest in between. Yes, she is one amazing woman, effortlessly multitasking and taking care of everyone’s needs. Doesn’t this superwoman need loads of TLC herself? Present her with a gift certificate to a spa so that she can indulge in some guilt-free pampering from top to toe. Alternatively, put together exotic and exclusive bath and body products that are decadently sensuous.

3. Souvenir scrapbook
Isn’t she sentimental to a fault? Who else but mum can see beauty in your childish squiggles when you were learning to draw and write — and consider them worth displaying? Put together a scrapbook of old photographs, old letters, maybe even old cards and letters — basically, sentimental memorabilia that tugs at her heartstrings. Intersperse them with some blank pages which you can fill with messages for her, using crayons, coloured markers and charms to decorate the pages.

4. A handmade card for mum
Chances that she has a stack of store-bought Mother’s Day cards, given by you over the years. This year do something different. Make her a handmade card yourself. Write your message inside with colored markers or gold and silver glitter pen. You could paste a photograph of mum and you together on the cover and stick rosebuds or her favorite flowers around your message. Make the card as colorful and as sentimental as possible.

5. Personalized jewelery
Any jewelery given by you to mum will be more than just a pretty bauble. It will be sentimental keepsake. Choose an elegant, non-fussy handmade piece of jewelery that has your personalized message engraved on it. A stunning diamond pendant on a gold/ silver chain, pearl stud earrings, gemstones bracelets and rings — all would make attractive gifts.

6. Classy handbags
Mum would love to flaunt a classy handbag which is large enough to store all her must-have essentials but stylish enough to please her feminine side. Instead of giving her an empty bag, slip in some designer beauty products and a vial of her favorite perfume.

7. A poem written just for mum
When was the last time you told her you loved her? Yesterday, last week, last month, last year- stop! Say ‘I love you’ in manner she will probably never have anticipated. Get a personalized poem written for mum (if you can’t quite manage the job yourself). On one side of the text, stick photographs of yourself and those who make up mum’s world. Have it mounted on a classy frame. Without doubt, mums are the most sentimental creatures on earth. This poem-cum-montage will be a treasure she will cherish always.

8. The best gift of all — your time!
What is the one thing that mum never has enough of? You! Keep your diary free of other appointments on Mother’s Day and devote the entire day to mum. If she lives far away in another city or town, just land on her doorstep unannounced. Thrill her to bits with your uninterrupted company — cook for her, do her week’s shopping, or anything else that she struggles to do by herself when you are not around. Your company is what she craves and this can be the best ever gift that you can give her.

Mum is a precious gift in your life. Cherish her while she is still around. Make this her most memorable Mother’s Day yet.

Former journalist Daya writes about gift giving, romance and relationships on the web. She has written lots more advice on the subject of choosing gifts for mum and Mother’s Day. At http://gifts.pressies4princesses.co.uk/gift-ideas/how-properly-spoil-mum-mothers-day she dispenses more practical advice and ideas for Mothering Sunday. Daya suggests the Mother’s gift section here http://www.pressies4princesses.co.uk/gifts-Mother1.shtml at her current employer for UK readers looking to buy mummy a gift this Mother’s Day.

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