7 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Holiday Cards

Are you tired of scraping scotch tape off of your windows and doors after every Christmas season? There are other ways to display your greeting cards.

Let us look at some of them:

1. Get some of that great new wall adhesive that can peel right off the walls when you are through using it. Hang a couple of wide ribbons of various lengths down the wall, and then simply tape your cards to the ribbon. The whole thing will peel off in seconds when you want to remove it.
2. You don’t want to use tape even on the ribbon? Okay…buy some of those cute little plastic clothespins and clip them on instead.
3. Hang a large bulletin board on the wall and use stick pins to attach your cards.
4. Get a large piece of green felt, cut it in the shape of a Christmas tree and hang it on the wall. Some two sided tape, or even velcro stick on strips can be used to attach the cards to the tree.
5. If you have any glass covered tables, end tables, coffee tables, or cradenzas, you can slide the cards under the glass to display them.
6. Tack them onto your mantle, or stand them on top of it.
7. Poke a hole in the top corner, run a string through it, and hang them from the branches of your tree. If the tree is not big enough, why not string them on a longer cord and hang them across a wall or window. If you do this, make a knot between each card so that they don’t all slide together.

People are always inventing new and unique ways to show off their cards without cluttering up their living area. Stores sell trees especially designed to hold cards, and there are electronic devices that will display digital cards and pictures, but sometimes the simplest ways are still the best ways.

My favorite is to simply stack them all in a big basket and let visitors thumb through them and read the cards. And what could be easier than that?

Now that you know more about your holiday cards and how to display them with ease, you are well on your way towards having a decorating idea come to fruition and blend into your overall holiday decorating theme.

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