12 Ways to Pay Less

e sales, why not look to save money on other purchases not advertised as sales? Here are insider tips and strategies to get the lowest prices on things you want.

Pet Medicine
Prescriptions for Fido or Kitty can be costly and treatments for fleas and ticks can vary widely depending on the veterinarian. Head online to find a pet pharmacy where prices can be as much as 40 – 60% less than a local vet.

Remnant Paint
Large chain store home improvement places, such as Home Depot, are beginning to allow customers who over estimate the amount of paint to return the unopened cans. These colored paint “remnants” sell for as little as $5 a gallon – compare to $25 for a can off the shelf. Buy on Mondays after weekend DIY’ers return their over bought paint.

Department Store Clearance
Asking your local department store for their nearest clearance center can be a good way to save some cool cash. Unfortunately, the nearest clearance center might not be all that close. You might want to factor in the cost of a road trip.

Retroactive Sales
An unadvertised sale is what you get when you purchase an item and the next week is goes on sale. Take your receipt back to the store and within the time limits and you’ll be refunded the difference.

Refurbished Electronics
Factory refurbished equipment means it has been certified by the company as being repaired if necessary and tested to be as good as the full priced products. The refurbished product even comes with a full warranty most of the time. Savings can be as much as 66% off the regular price.

Be In The Know
Websites for companies like L.L. Bean allow you to register to receive head-up alerts when discontinued items are made available at factory stores.

Seasonal Service Off-Season
Contractors often employ crews year-round. Frequently they will take deep discounts when business slows down, such in winter. Non-emergency work can often be done just about anytime so offer to have the work done when the crews are in the area and save on the travel charge.

Give Naked Gifts
Gift-wrapping can add significantly to the cost of a gift. You can use your color printer and print your own wrapping paper from online websites, if you want. If your purchase comes in a pretty box, wrapping paper would be a waste of time and money. Using the comic section from the Sunday paper can provide a touch of humor in your gift-giving.

Group Discounts
Ask your hair salon if they give a discount price for a group. If so, take along 5 of your friends for a girl’s night out.

Room Re-do
Factory owned outlet stores sell brand new furniture for significant savings. Verify that the store really is a factory owned outlet before you buy. Many will sell to you right over the phone or through a website and save you 50% or more.

Train A Stylist
If you frequent large hair salons, junior staffers will give you just as good of haircut as the senior staff, only at significant savings. If you happen to live near a Hair College, you can volunteer to have your hair cut by stylists in training to save even more. An experienced stylist is always on hand to fix any serious mistakes.

Club Purchasing
Buying from a warehouse or club store can produce significant savings. These savings are only valid though if you use the product before it spoils. If there is a question about being able to use the bulk product, shop with friends and divide the product between 3 or 4 families. You’ll save money and have fun at the same time.

Taking time to look for better deals than what you see on the shelf can save you a lot of money during the year. Being unafraid to try something new or ask for a better price can save you even more.

Roger Sorensen is a Financial Speaker and Author and the editor of Money Basics – The Newsletter found online at the website http://www.Slave2Work.com. You can contact him through the website, read articles he has written and find his most recent book “You Don’t Own Money 2nd Edition” at the Slave2Work.com Bookstore.

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