Miscellaneous Money Saving Tips

1. Look into dumpster diving. Many stores throw things away just because it is missing a piece (that you can fix or substitute something for) or because it was an overstock or out of season. This isn’t for everyone but if you don’t embarrass easily it is possible to find treasures this way.

2. Shop yard sales (you can get clothes cheap this way and many other household items)

3. Tips for saving money around the house

4. Turn your hot water heater down.

5. Use half of everything (half laundry detergent, half dish washer detergent, half laundry sheets etc) Half will in most cases do the job just as well and if you find it not quite enough you can increase it a little.

6. Sell unused items (outgrown clothes, books that you no longer read, and unwanted items) on eBay.

7. Use cloth menstrual pads

8. Hang your laundry instead of using your dryer.

9. Make sure you check over all of your bills in case you are overcharged or billed for something you weren’t suppose to be billed for.

10. Use the library for checking out free books and free movies.

11. The library usually also offers story hour.

12. Start a change jar (loose change can accumulate fast)

13. Turn your air up a degree or two and your heat down a degree or two for savings.

14. Track where your money goes so you know where the leaks are.

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