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Beautiful and Affordable Do it Yourself Wedding Invitations

Weddings can be extremely expensive with all the flowers, the dress, the cake, and the location. There are some things that you cannot do yourself, such as the dress, unless you’re a professional seamstress, but there are some things that you can do yourself, such as do it yourself wedding invitations.

Invitations are very simple to create and the difference in price between getting them done professionally and doing them yourself is immense. For example, a set of one hundred very simple, some might say even boring, looking wedding invitations from David’s Bridal are well over one hundred dollars with most priced at almost two hundred dollars. You could buy nice cardstock from Target for twenty dollars. That is for a package of sixty pieces of cardstock but the paper could be cut in half to make one hundred and twenty invitations. Then, you can buy ribbon for five dollars a roll, or even cheaper if you search the clearance section, and print them yourself at home.

Any word processing program has nice lettering and even nice clip art that you could use. So, instead of spending one or two dollars per invitation, you could spend about forty cents. Target also carries heavy-weight, colorful envelopes that are nine dollars for twenty five envelopes. So, even with the envelopes, you are still only going to spend about seventy two cents instead of almost two dollars.

You might be worried about the time that it will take you to produce the invitations especially since you are most likely already planning a wedding and it feels like you have no time. It will probably take you only ten minutes since all you have to do is choose a font, choose a picture, type what you want the invitation to say, and hit print.

After all the invitations are printed you just need to cut your cardstock in half which, with the help of a paper cutter, can be done in about ten seconds. Then you tie a ribbon around each one, and put them in the envelopes. To minimize the time even further, instead of writing out the addresses on each envelope, you could buy pretty labels, use a nice font, and print them out on your computer. Then all you would need to do is stick them on the envelope and drop them in your mailbox.

Do it yourself wedding invitations are a simple way to save money but look like you’ve spent a lot.

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