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Romance on a budget

Valentine’s Day is often synonymous with lush velvety looking red roses and spending big bucks on your sweetie. You’re blinded by advertisements touting the latest luxury jewelry, over-priced flowers, and exquisite five star dining. You can sometimes feel pressure from this single day that is supposed to symbolize and convey your emotion of love to your sweetheart. Expressing your love can be shown with frugal abundance and still create heartfelt memories.

You may not do anything at all because you feel that you can’t afford it. Don’t skip the holiday completely. The following are some traditional ideas and then some frugal alternative tips for inexpensive and thoughtful ways to express that you care without completely emptying your wallet.

Romantic movies

Movies are popular on Valentine’s Day. There isn’t any doubt that this idea rates highly on the snuggle meter.
The following are some movie suggestions:

  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Bridges of Madison County
  • City of Angels
  • Bridget Jones’s Diary
  • Somewhere in Time
  • As Good As IT Gets
  • Jerry Maguire
  • Something’s Gotta Give
  • Amelie

Traditional: Big night out at the theater with the works. Cha-ching

Creatively Frugal: Select a nice romantic comedy for your sweetie. Pop some popcorn, pour your favorite beverage of choice, and light a fire if you’re able to or at least some candles. It’s all about the ambience. You both can cuddle up on the couch or have blankets and pillows out on the floor.

Confectionary Treats

Hard to imagine Valentine’s Day without candy. The holiday is notorious for chocolates. They’re definitely decadent and these treats have been acclaimed to have an aphrodisiac effect. It’s difficult to pass up this romantic suggestion.

Traditional: Godiva chocolates or satin and velvet heart shaped box of chocolates. Oohlala.

Creatively Frugal: Bulk candy or homemade candy, baked goods, or just coffee and a dessert at a quiet cafe.
Here are two great chocolate creations to make yourself.

Chocolate Pretzels

Chocolate Popcorn

Beautiful Bouquets

Saying “I love you” with flowers can make a lasting impression.

Traditional: A dozen roses with a short lifespan and hefty price. You think you’re smart when you select multi-colored or any color besides red roses, but oops what about all those rose flower meanings? Are you accurately describing your feelings?

Creatively Frugal: Try a single bulb to force such as an amaryllis or tulip, a collection of seed packets for spring planting, or one single flower with the recipient’s favorite hot beverage in the morning.

Festive Feast

A romantic night out can be lovely. You can have reservations made in advance and can get gussied up for an enjoyable evening. Planning the perfect setting complete with candles, wine, and excellent service is so romantic.

Traditional: Expensive restaurant out on the town. The problem is that everyone else has the same idea. You’ll often run into staff that is rushed or crowded parking lots and restaurants. This suggestion has the best of intentions, but lacks privacy and could easily prove to be the least romantic.

Creatively Frugal: Valentine’s Day breakfast versus dinner out or breakfast in bed. So many small details can be created with serving a meal at home. It provides the feeling of appreciation.

You can light small votive candles, use favorite glasses, play soft music, and use cloth napkins. The meal itself doesn’t need to be fancy. Use your creativity. If you don’t have a tray, use a folded tablecloth or a nice basket. By all means, don’t forget to clean up!

Penned Sentiments

Greeting cards are an excellent choice to show you care. There are endless varieties of romance cards. A card is well-received.

Traditional: The perfect card for your valentine. You look through aisles and rows of costly greeting cards and spend hours trying to find the perfect one. Valentine’s Day is the second largest card-giving holiday and that is reflected in the stores. In the mad rush to grab a card and get it delivered, you just sign it “with love”.

Creatively Frugal: Try love coupons, homemade card, handwritten letter, or cut out cartoons from newspaper and add a few words to it. It’s so much more sincere in your own words from your heart. It’s all about the presentation. Don’t just toss your handwritten sentiment at your love.

Delightful Pampering

Cupid’s arrow is sure to hit when you give your love a day of overindulgence. Being carefree is so appealing.

Traditional: Spending a ton of cash on a spa day gift certificate for your sweetie.

Creatively Frugal: Make a comfort box. In the box add a cd, scented lotions, bubble bath, hairbrush, candles, tea, cocoa, coffee, book, bookmark, and give a massage from you.

As you can see, creating loving and memorable moments doesn’t have to carry exorbitant prices. It’s a day of expressing your affection and doesn’t have to break the bank. Traditional romance can be nice, but it is often overrated. Being creatively frugal is a gift of the heart. Give your loved one the gift of your time and thoughtfulness.

If you’re desperate and reading this, I’ll leave you with a small list of last minute ideas:

  • Dance to a slow song.
  • Take a walk and hold hands.
  • Take a drive and tell your love your feelings from your heart.
  • Go to a local playground and play on the swings.
  • Read to your sweetie or recite a romantic song.
  • Add red to the day with red cookies, clothing, candles, lipstick, red fruit, etc.
  • Sit and talk and reminisce and talk about your dreams together.
  • Play a board game or assemble a puzzle together.
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset together.
  • Find a trophy at the thrift store to give.
  • Place notes in hidden places in the house for them to find. It’s extra special when they don’t find them all and come across them after the holiday is over.
  • Frame a picture of the two of you or a place you both have enjoyed together, or make a collage of sentimental tokens collected during your relationship.
  • Balloons are nice gift. Keep in mind that you can tuck a note inside a latex balloon before filling it or attach an item to a balloon.

Happy Valentine’s Day and here’s wishing that love fills the air as you celebrate with your dearest.

Article by:

Sara Noel is a freelance writer and the Editor/Publisher of Frugal Village and Homestead Garden Visit both these sites for information on getting back to basics through frugality, gardening, lost arts, simplicity, homesteading, and natural family living.

Valentine’s Day Gifts On A Budget

How many times have you found that perfect Valentine’s day gift but lost your “heart” when you saw the price? Not everyone has $50 extra for that beautiful bouquet of roses.
Here are some meaningful but inexpensive ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift that is sure to win the heart of your sweetie for the rest of the year.

Hand Written Love Letter
Write each other a hand written love letter letting each other know all the reasons why you love each other. Warning! You will need a tissue when reading the one that will be written for you. This is one of those gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Valentine’s Day Once A Month For A Year

Think of twelve nice things to do or acts of service gifts you can give to your valentine. Write these twelve ideas on decorated paper or 3X5 cards. Buy a nice basket or pretty box at a craft store or decorate a box you have around the house. Put all twelve cards in the box or basket and each month starting with February 14th of course, have your sweetheart pick one the acts of service cards and do what is on the card. You will both begin to look forward the the 14th of every month and will stretch Valentine’s Day out throughout the whole year.

Start Your Day With Love
On the morning of Valentine’s Day, wake up before your valentine and make a breakfast with all his/her favorite fixings. If you are making pancakes, make then heart shaped (practice this before the big day) and add a drop or two of red food coloring in the pancake batter.

Candle Light Dinner At Home

This is similar to the morning idea in the fact that you will be cooking. Make your valentine’s favorite dinner and serve it to him or her by candlelight. (Even if this means that you wait to eat until the munchkins have gone to bed. It can be difficult to prepare a large meal after a long day but you both have to eat, right?

Valentine’s Day gifts do not have to ruin your budget in order for them to be meaningful. These are just a few ways in which you can let that special someone know just how special he/she is to you.
Here’s to a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Dawn Holland is a wife, a WAHM of 3 boys and an RN. She teaches families how to build meaningful traditions that aren’t expensive or difficult.  For personalized children’s books and personalized baby gifts, go to www.BooksFromTheHearth.com

How to have a frugal Valentine’s Day

Ah Valentine’s Day, the day to declare our undying devotion and love to the special someone in our lives. The media would have us believe that the only way we can show our love is by emptying our pocket books as we purchase diamond rings, dozens of roses and expensive Belgian chocolates. What’s a frugal Romeo or Juliet to do? Here are some ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.

Wow your sweetheart with a special dinner – their favorite meal prepared by you. Cover the table with a table cloth (a solid colored sheet will work in an emergency). Add a few candles to the table and a single rose or carnation as a centerpiece. Put on some soft, romantic music in the background and you’ll feel as though you are being serenaded in a fancy restaurant for a fraction of the cost. You can go all out with your Valentine dinner or keep it simple. Only you know what your true love really appreciates. For those of you in the warmer areas, pack a picnic lunch instead of a special dinner. Spread a blanket on the ground and share a romantic picnic lunch in your backyard or a public park. Pack some romantic finger foods like grapes, cheese & crackers, strawberries dipped in chocolate, etc. and declare your undying love while feeding her these delicacies.

Speaking of delicacies, what Valentine’s Day would be complete without some sinfully rich chocolate treats? Don’t give your money to your local chocolate shop when you can whip up some fancy treats in your own kitchen.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

1 or 2 dark chocolate or milk chocolate candy bars

enough strawberries to satisfy that sweet tooth

Bring a pan of water to boil on the stove. Break up the candy bar into small pieces and put them in a glass bowl. Set the glass bowl into the pan of water being careful that it does not tip and gently stir the chocolate until it is melted. Dip each strawberry into the chocolate and put on wax paper. Refrigerate until the chocolate sets and then enjoy!

Make your sweetheart a coupon book good for a special service you can provide. Some coupon ideas include home baked cookies, I’ll do your chores for a week, a special massage, etc. Let your imagination be your guide and he’ll remember this Valentine’s Day each time he redeems one of your coupons.

Create your own special Valentine’s Day card. Using a few sheets of red paper and a doily you can find at your local craft or dollar store, you can give a Valentine’s Day card that is all you. Why not write a special poem or a heartfelt sentiment on the inside of the card.

If your Valentine’s Day includes some quiet alone time with your special someone, don’t forget to schedule a massage and a sensuous bubble bath. Add some soft romantic music and some scented candles, dim the lights and set the mood.

Make this a Valentine’s Day your love will never forget.

Article written by: Ellen LaFleche-Christian, Moonlight Creations Jewelry & Gifts

Ways to Celebrate Valentines

You know when I tell people how we celebrate Valentines at our house I often get eye rolls or people who say what about your couple time well first of all let me preface by saying my husband and I have a date night every month just about sometimes twice a month but we also realize how precious this time is with our children and they want to feel special on Valentines Day too! I get our dining room table all dolled up and when I say that I don’t necessarily mean with a red or pink tablecloth. I certainly do not go out to the dollar store and stock up on a bunch of stuff that’s going to end up in the landfill.

Start with what you have it may just be a white tablecloth or nothing. Placemats can do the job too….even homemade place mats. Do you have any candlesticks and candle stick holders? Just about everyone does you can find them at yardsales and thrift stores at a very affordable price. Now since it is Valentines and it is my special day I don’t want to cook I mean after all this is my day to be lazy or at least I justify it that way and hopefully have as few dishes as possible. I go to our favorite chinese restaurant at lunch time on Valentine’s Day and I order four lunches they usually come with an eggroll, rice and a fortune cookie. I purchase it at lunch time and bring it home and put it in the fridge because the price basically doubles at dinner time. Therefore it is still somewhat frugal.

We, meaning my husband and I and our two children, celebrate Valentines Day together usually we just swap some homemade thoughts or sentiments with each other. We are not a house where you are going to see a dozen roses or a box of chocolates although my husband knows I would rather have seed packets for the price he could spend on cut flowers anyway.

This evening is very special in our house every year my husband and I know that this time is fleeting and soon we will be eating our chinese takeout by ourselves however we will have our memories of the children pouring sparkling cider and excited over the candles glimmering on one of my gold tablecloths. I also put on some romantic music I still love Lionel Richie but you may favor someone else. Sometimes I find some red confetti and sprinkle it all around the candles. The best times in our life sometime just require a little ingenuity………….maybe at your house it is Italian?