Microwave Cozies

What IS a microwave cozie? A cozie is a filled cloth bag that you can heat in the microwave and use to keep you warm and cozy! They are excellent for heating sore muscles, acting as bed warmers at night, and keeping your toes warm while you read a good book on the couch. They make fantastic and inexpensive gifts! I’ve seen them selling at fairs for $15 each but they can be made for about $1 per bag if you use inexpensive fabric.


You can use any 100% cotton fabric that has NO METAL THREADS! Do NOT use any metallic fabrics. Yes, it’s important enough to repeat! These need to go in the microwave and you know how microwaves and metal are. The same applies to polyesters and any other fabrics. 100% cotton only.

More tips about the fabric you choose: If you are actually going to buy fabric, go for the least expensive cottons you can get. I hit the big box store for their $1 and $2 per yard stuff (apologies to my hometown quilt shop) when I’m making them for gifts. If you have a fabric stash, don’t use your $12.99/yard batiks unless you really want to. Personally, I save my good stuff for my quilts. Use what you have! If you have an old flannel shirt with worn elbows, then use that! Old flannel sheets, the legs off a pair of old flannel pajama bottoms? Use your imagination.


I use what is called recleaned corn. I’ve also heard it called denatured corn (go to the feed shop and tell them what you’re doing and they’ll smirk but be happy to help you). Basically, it’s corn that has been dried so much that it won’t pop in the microwave. Normal corn will! 50 pounds cost me about $10.50. Trust me it will make LOTS of bags! The bags do come smaller, but cost almost as much, so even if you make fifty bags and end up feeding some to the local squirrels, it’s still cheaper. I have friends who have also used uncooked rice with great success. I don’t know about cost, but if you live in the city, rice might be more easily obtained than cow corn.


You’ll need to have two squares of fabric the same size. I like mine to be at least 9” finished (so cut 9 ½” to give yourself a seam allowance) if you can make a bit bigger, then great, but I don’t do smaller. Simply place the wrong sides of the fabric together and sew about a ½” in, all around and leave at least a 2” opening to turn your bag right side out and so you can fill your bag. Fill your bag so that there is room inside for the filler to able to move around (like if you want to mold it over a sore knee). An overfilled bag doesn’t feel good. Once it’s filled to your satisfaction, sew up the opening! NOTE: I would NOT recommend using fabric glues or tapes when making these. They have to go into the microwave and I honestly don’t know if those would do well once they heat up.

How long to microwave? The fillers can burn (both the skin if too hot and itself), so opt for less time versus more and microwaves vary as far as power so I’d recommend starting with a minute but NEVER heating for more than 3 minutes. ENJOY!!!

Tammy Paquin is a work from home mom of 3 boys and the publisher of www.frugal-families.com, an online resource for frugality, budgeting and all things related to helping everyone stretch those hard-earned dollars.

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4 thoughts on “Microwave Cozies

  1. admin Post author

    Hi Briann!

    True felt is wool and should be able to go in but I’m not sure I’d use it. Felt might tear out at the seams over time. I would stick to flannel and 100% cotton.

  2. Sarah

    I wondered about felt also. But using as eyes and features on the bag. Just to cutsey them up. And wondered if glue would work and what kind.

  3. admin Post author

    Sarah, I wouldn’t use felt unless you absolutely knew it was wool (you can cheaply make felted wool from thrift store finds). I would NEVER glue the eyes and features on but you could easily sew them into place BEFORE you sew up the bags.

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