Finding Cash in your Home

Yes, you might find cash in the couch but there is cash to be found in other ways in your home as well! So many households are tightening the belt by cutting expenses. In addition, many households are wondering how they can bring a little extra cash into their house. If you’re like so many other homes, you probably have more ‘stuff’ around you than you need or want! Time to sell!


I am always amazed at what you can find and sell on E-Bay. There are awesome deals to be made! Although I don’t sell on E-Bay and can’t offer much in the way of information, there are some awesome books out there to help you!

eBay For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))


Another get-cash option is holding a tag-sale. You can do this with several other families in a well seen location or maybe haul what you have to a flea market. Personally, I take my stuff to our local flea market because there is serious traffic there and I can do very well.

The Great Garage Sale Book: How to Run a Garage, Tag, Attic, Barn, or Yard Sale

How do you get organized? Trust me, don’t do it all in one day. Stay focused on ONE thing at a time. Don’t start the garage at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Pick jobs that fit the time frame. If you have an hour, maybe clean out a few drawers, a kitchen counter that collects paperwork, or a few cookbooks you KNOW you haven’t used in five years! Keep boxes for the stuff you find. Mark one for the garbage, one for donations and one for “not sure” stuff. Feed boxes well! Make sure to file paperwork accordingly and keep important paperwork together and in properly marked envelopes or file organizer. Put the “not sure” box aside for 6 months. If you haven’t used it or needed it in that time frame, consider moving it to the garbage box or donation box.

Craig’s List

Craig’s List is a nationwide movement! You can list items you have for sale on Craig’s List for free. You’ll find it all there. It also stays listed for extended periods so if it doesn’t sell today, you might sell it in three weeks. Do be careful buying from Craig’s List as some less honest people have taken to trying to steal from buyers through various schemes. The nice thing is that if you suspect fraud, you can alert the website through tools on the posts. We’ve bought lots of great items off of this source ourselves!


This option doesn’t necessarily mean cold hard cash in your pocket at this moment. If you can itemize your taxes, then consider donating your unwanted items to various charities. Rules have tightened in the past few years and everything has to be in respectable shape to donate (talk to your accountant or IRS for questions). There are so many organizations that can sell or directly use your donations and you can take a bit of a break on your taxes (which is money in your pocket down the road). In addition, make sure you do a bit of research on the organization you’re donating to and make sure to get receipts for your donations.

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