How to Organize your Holiday Decorations

The holidays are over now and we are left with putting away all of our holiday decorations. Some of you might still need to put them away, but if there is no rhyme or reason to their organization, your decorations can quickly overrun your household. This past week I got the last of my holiday linens washed and put away for the season. I put away the various decorations throughout the home and dismantled my artificial Christmas tree, putting the lights, garland and ornaments away where they belong. It was made easy because I have a system.

Do you have a system? If you didn’t have one to begin with when you unloaded everything from your attic, garage, closet and/or basement, now is a great time to do so. So, do you know where your decorations belong? First, you should determine one location where all of your decorations are going to be stored, as opposed to storing them in various locations throughout the home. This will make it a lot easier to retrieve them next time.

I suggest either using clear plastic bins or color-related bins. For example, use red bins with green lids for Christmas or blue bins with white lids for Chanukah. This color coded system can apply not only to Christmas time but you can use other color-related bins for other holidays throughout the year!

Use your imagination and utilize this type of system for Valentine’s Day (red bins), St. Patrick’s Day (green bins), Easter (pastel pink), Independence Day (navy blue bins), Halloween (orange bins with black lids), Thanksgiving (brown bins), etc. You will find these bins on sale during the particular season, so stock up then. The color coordinated bins are a quick visual reference and are becoming more popular and more available.

No matter what type of bin you use, however, I suggest placing a large white label on the side of the bin that will be facing front. Not only title the bin by holiday, but list the basic contents it contains. By storing your decorations properly with labels, you can organize all of your decorations for the various holidays year round. Items will easily fit back in the same containers again when you are finished with them, as well. Personally, my family has about 10 to 15 bins of Christmas decorations which we store on our loft in our garage, but each bin is clearly labeled so we know immediately what they contain. This helps when looking for particular items without having to fish through the containers to find what you want.

When it comes to Christmas lights and garland, it can be a frustrating mess if they are not stored properly. To avoid this chaos, invest in storage bins that are specially designed for these decorations. There are fantastic bins with spools you can snap on the inside that will allow you to wind your tree lights and beaded garland around. They not only save you the frustration of uncoiling, but also prevent knots from forming which lengthens the life of your decorations. There are also very long bins you can use to store your artificial tree and containers specially designed to store your fragile ornaments so they don’t get damaged.

Now a days, there are many types of containers you can purchase either in your local store or on line to store your holiday linens, fragile decorations, tree ornaments, wreaths, artificial tree, outside lighting, wrapping paper and ribbon. And don’t forget the bubble wrap! You will find that an easy, visual sorting system will provide you with quick and easy access to all your holiday decorations. This system will save you lots of time next year when you go to decorate your home.

Audrey Cupo, Professional Organizer, specializes in residential organizing and focuses her business towards busy moms and women entrepreneurs. She has a full line of U Can Do It products based on the strategies she has used or herself for over 25 years as well as her years of experience setting up personalized organizing systems for her clients. Visit her website at and go to the “ABS Store” to learn more.

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