How to Declutter a Room in 9 Minutes Flat

This little trick will help you to declutter a room in 9 minutes. For this you’ll need a large bin or basket or a box. Make sure it’s something that you can get hold of easily and that its deep too.

Make your way round the room in a clockwise direction and scoop up everything that does not belong in there and place it in your bin. Magazines, toys, make-up, jewellery and clothes. If it looks like it’s not got a home, pop it in the basket.

This will clear a good 90% of your clutter and will not take more than a few minutes. You can use this technique if you have unexpected guests arriving and store the bin in a closet, ready to redistribute the items later.

But, if you don’t have guests coming round soon, take the time to move around your house placing items back where they belong. Toys back into the children’s room or in the toy chest, magazines back the rack or neatly stored under a coffee table, jewelry in your jewelry box etc. You can leave any dirty laundry in the bin/basket

Continue through your home replacing items back to their original homes. Shoes, coats, newspapers… if you move quickly this takes no time at all. Stop by the washing machine at the end of your blitz and pop a load in.

If you open all the windows in your house while you do this, you’ll also give the place a good airing. Especially important if you have teenage boys in the house!

If you have a teenage boy in the house you won’t be alone when you come across the fruity smell in the bedroom. Dirty laundry and sweat of course contribute to this. It happens. You can even line laundry baskets and drawers with dryer sheets that will freshen things up too.

Use this technique even just once a week, and you’ll be on top of your clutter. It doesn’t take much to declutter a room when you simply dive in and do the work that needs doing. The good thing about this approach is, you can be done in under ten minutes.

You may take note of any extra storage you may need as you use this technique. For example, if you notice you’ve got piles of magazines but no rack for them… well, make a mental note to purchase one the next time you’re out.

So, there you go. You’ve got your room back, in just 9 minutes.

Connor Adams is a coach and trainer who wants to help you to reduce clutter in your home.

If you want to learn more about how you can declutter a room and take control of clutter then head on over to where you can sign up for a free 10 part mini-course and find other helpful resources to help reduce your clutter.

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