Home Dads, New Breed of a Changing World

Home dads are not as uncommon as they were in your parents generation. I have been a stay at home dad for the past eight years, and I have witnessed the trend grow rapidly in our changing economy. When we had our first child, daycare would have absorbed most of my income. It only made sense that since my wife made double what I did, that I would stay home with our son. As time went on I soon realized this dad had a lot to learn. I was quick to learn I needed a better way to make my days go smoother. By planning each day ahead of time, and scheduling enough time for myself, I was able to enjoy my new life a lot better.

I was also faced with incredible criticism from friends and family for not working and for letting my wife be the “breadwinner”. I couldn’t let other peoples views, guide how I lived my life, and neither should you. I even got some flack from a few stay at home moms, who thought a man wasn’t right for the job. I must admit at first I wasn’t sure I was right for the job, but with time, and as I got into the role, I figured out that home dads can be just as good as home moms, “if not better.”

My first two kids are boys, which made bonding and teaching them very easy. My third child changed the game when she came into my world. She forced me to be more understanding and patient, being that she responded to the world different then the boys and I. Dirt, mud, and bugs were not quite that fun. It’s all about baby dolls, dress up, and jewelry for her.

Every day is filled with a new challenge, and a reward for being brave enough to go against the norm. I have come to know a few home dads over the years, and there is one thing we all seem to agree on. The hardest part, was our state of mind about what we have become. Once we were OK with being a stay-at-home dad inside ourselves, the rest was a piece of cake.

I have since apologized to my mother for all I put her through as a kid. She used to warn me, “one day your kids will be just like you, and pay backs a bi*** .” She’s quick to remind me of what I did, when I fill her in on our latest mishap at home.

Being at home with the kids is simple, but it sure isn’t easy. So if you are, or if you’re thinking of being a stay at home dad, just do your best. Don’t judge yourself, and never let anyone else judge you either. Make the most of the time you have with your kids, and enjoy everyday. Don’t get hung up on set backs or mistakes, because tomorrow is a new day. Before you know it, they’ll be off to school and you’ll be missing the time you had with them. So make the most of it!

I am a stay at home dad, with many years of experience. I crafted my daily life as a home dad, to become easier, and more efficient, simply by learning from my mistakes. I feel I could pass this knowledge on to those becoming a home dad. It has been the best choice I have made in life. You can read more about it here: http://www.homedads.co/


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