Guide to Raising Backyard Chickens

For some people with a loving attitude towards chickens, raising backyard chickens can be a very fulfilling pass time. Not only does it provide you with an activity to keep yourself busy but also helps in complementing your domestic food needs. Raising backyard chickens can give you a very reliable source of protein supplements for your daily dietary needs. For people whom merely dream of keeping backyard chicken without taking the initiative to do so, here is a simple guide to help you make that first move.

Firstly you need to establish the availability of some room in your backyard where they can roam freely and forage for their food. Many people may fear that the costs involved may be too much, this is not true; for a start, you can choose to keep a very small flock for experimental purposes. Keeping two or three birds for a start may not even affect your budget since they will mostly rely on your kitchen’s left over and balance their diet by eating up insects in the backyard. Eating insects and pests in your backyard further helps you in pest control

The other aspect to look into is the ability to provide a good chicken coop, if these factors are well in place, all you need to do is identify an appropriate breed and dedicate a few minutes per day to get you in the chicken keeping club. If you reside in a city, it is good to verify your city’s position on keeping chickens just to make sure you do not find your self on the wrong side of the law. It may also prove to be very wise just to try talking to your neighbors about the issue especially if you find out that you are a pioneer in this activity lest you rub them the wrong way.

With most preparations in place and finally having your birds at home, it is good to ensure your birds get all the basic needs they require like food and water. Birds need calcium to develop strong bones and good quality eggs. Make sure they also get some grit and sand particles as these really help them in digestion. Because chicken like perching on high places, it would serve them quite well if you made some perches in the yard for them to enjoy themselves as they relax during the day.

Raising backyard chickens will prove to be a very rewarding experience especially given that you are likely to enjoy fresh hormone free eggs every day. Chicken poop also provides very good organic manure for your other farming activities. If well planned, chicken farming can be very self-sustaining as their bedding provides adequate manure for the kitchen garden ensuring you maintain a fresh supply of green vegetables and fresh eggs and meat at your own discretion. If you have potential predators threatening your chickens’ security, it is wise to make a good fence both the perimeter and the top to take care of carnivorous birds. Make sure the coop is well aerated and the door is wide enough to let you in for routine cleaning, these will help in preventing most illnesses.

Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens: Care / Feeding / Facilities

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