Frugal Christmas Table or Mantle Decorations

If decorating for Christmas is one of your passions and you don’t have a lot of extra money to spend, which most of us don’t this year, look to nature for frugal mantle or table Christmas decorating ideas.

There is a bounty of decorating opportunities growing right outside either your door or someone else’s.

It’s always easier to dash in a store and buy what we like, but for a fraction of the cost you can buy all the things you need to fabricate wonderful creations. Best of all is the satisfaction you will feel over not only the sense of accomplishment, but also over the compliments that might be tossed your way over your effort.

We seldom take a serious look at the different things we have to work with.

Pine cones are probably the best Christmas decoration ever invented, all thanks to Mother Nature. They come in all sizes and if you live in an area where Pine trees grow, they can be gathered for nothing more than the cost of gas to get there and a little exercise on your part.

Once you get them home, it’s up to you as to how you want to decorate them. Inexpensive spray snow and spray glitter are as close as your local craft store.

Think sequins or fake rhinestones glued to each tip. Once you’ve got them all decorated, place them in a large glass bowel or a large metal colander with fancy Plaid ribbon tied around the base, place this in the center of your table with your choice of candles on each side and you now have a table centerpiece for Christmas.

If you know some one with a Holly bush who is willing to let you cut branches from it you can make a dramatic statement by putting about four, three foot long branches in several of those never used vases left behind from other flowers you’ve received.

These vases are normally either clear or green in color and a simple plaid bow tied around the center of each will bring it right in line with Christmas. For understated elegance on your mantle, position 3 of these vases equally spaced on you mantle, 2 to the sides and 1 in the middle. Best of all, you’ve hopefully only had to spend a couple of dollars on a few yards of ribbon.

Perhaps you feel really crafty, in which case you can decorate empty eggshells with glitter, ribbon, and rickrack; in Christmas colors of course. Then just scatter them down the center of your table or mantle and put small groupings of candles here and there along the way.

You don’t have to stop here, there are many other types of branches you can use, as well as other items besides pine cones and egg shells that can be decorated in the same manner.

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