Easy Practical Tips For Do it Yourself Container Gardening

The idea of container gardening has been catching on – it being aesthetically pleasing and easy on the pocket. Green in all its pleasant shades and color dotting motley urns can be a veritable feast for the senses. For the novice easy tips will come of practical use. One can layout the personal urn garden in urban surroundings with the individual touch – unique and distinctive.

The first step is to plan out the niches where containers would be placed – selecting the best points that will expose the green artistically. It is not necessary that the pots have to be expensive. Anything can be improvised – shopping bags, juice cans and even shells of eggs. All that is required is innovative ideas to make dreams about gardening nursed over the years into a reality.

For those planning a herb garden the sunny places have to be selected. Herbs require the maximum sunshine all through the day. Colorful plastic shopping bags filled with the required nutritious soil would be idea for growing the herbs. A couple of holes would have to be punched in the bags to allow drainage of water; care has to be taken regarding the size of the holes so that the soil does not get washed out. Lining the bottom with a paper towel or piece of tissue paper would also suffice. Fertilizers of the slow-release variety would be ideal for herbs.

Tomatoes would be a good choice for growing in urns – it being available round the year. Soil placed in a paint bucket of fiber glass or a plain plastic pot would be ideal for it. Tomatoes require plenty of soil and thus clay pots that tend to break easily would not be suitable. Other factors are sunlight, water and fertilizers – plenty are required. It is best to pick the variety that does not branch out too much and yet is perennially fruit bearing.

Orange boxes are often used in box gardens. The boxes can be painted in raging colors prior to planting flowers like violets and pansies. These boxes would be ideal for petite flowering plants. Another classy way of showing off plants is placing them in glass containers. Plenty of deals are available in the flea market – glass bowls or even one meant for gold fish would be excellent for the purpose especially in those places where sunlight is scarce. These bowls are beautiful and require very little maintenance.

For the dash of variety one can collect clamp shells and keep them on the soil together with ferns as well as moss. These add the touch of wild variety to the container garden bringing nature right into urban settings.

Why not create your own containers garden with Containers, pots and Planting boxes which are easy to maintain but still yields great results.
I’m a garden lover for many years. Always had a beautiful garden and always looked for ways to improve it. After my children the garden is my number one priority. Self-maintained colorful garden is a dream of almost every house owner. We all want our house to look nice and be decorated with colors and fragrance.

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  1. matt

    thanks for sharing the info, have to admit since we started container gardening we have had a lot more vegetables and herbs in our diet. Freshly picked from our garden.

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