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Sugar Anns are in the House!

Posted by: Tammy

The greenhouse that is!  Nope, Sugar Anns aren’t the latest girl band.  They are a dwarf variety of sugar snap peas and the latest addition to the greenhouse! I normally grow the tall version of sugar snap peas.  They can reach over six feet in height and love the cool spring temperatures.  I often catch […]

Vertical Pallet Planter

Posted by: Tammy

Yes, I am happily addicted to wooden pallets.  I find them for free and free is good!  Free gives me the freedom to experiment and make mistakes without feeling any guilt if the project goes sour.  So far I’ve used reclaimed wooden pallets to make a magazine/wine rack, a little table for the cabin porch […]

Green house planting-pallet style!

Posted by: Tammy

First, I have to update you on my greenhouse.  My original flat roofed design failed after our first serious rain storm.  I had tears in the plastic from it being dragged down under the weight of the rain.  I wanted to challenge myself to make the necessary modifications without a trip to the hardware store […]

My $65 Greenhouse!

Posted by: Tammy

It’s done!  I have a greenhouse! For several years I envisioned creating a greenhouse utilizing the two vertical fences in my garden and here it is! Parts of the set up will remain year-round but the plastic will be able to come down or possibly I can roll it up and position it over the […]

What is this season for?

Posted by: Tammy

We’re still buried in snow but I’m ready to get out and garden and a homemade greenhouse might help me get going earlier than Mother Nature would normally allow! Combined with straw bales and bags of soil, I’m ready to feel warm soil between my fingers.

Making it work when I work

Posted by: Tammy

Save money and time by prepping meal ingredients ahead of time. You can prep and freeze hamburger in any number of ways that can speed up work night meals.

Finally back to sharing!

Posted by: Tammy

Yep, it’s been a long time since I blogged.  Last year my laptop went critical and went to the great recycling center in the sky.  My desktop was also beginning to struggle, giving it’s all to the last click which literally was “transmit” on the Turbo Tax software to get our taxes sent to the […]

Best start at the beginning……

Posted by: Debi Roberts

Thus begins the mad, insane adventure! My husband and I have had a terrible last two years. More emotionally than anything else.  We made a major decision to completely change our lifestyle, and have sold our home in South Texas and Moved far north to his home state of Nebraska. Most of our friends think […]

Say hi to our new homestead blogger!

Posted by: Tammy

Debi is joining our blogging team!  Debi was living in Texas and living a homesteading lifestyle there but she and her husband have made a BIG move to Nebraska now!  They found a 22 acre, fixer-upper farm that is their dream!  Now they’re really going all out to repair and update the little farmhouse a […]

The Aprons in my life

Posted by: Tammy

There used to be a time when aprons were a necessity and acceptable wear for women in the home.    Aprons protected the clothing underneath from all matter of kitchen messes and dirt (from little hands and trips to the garden).  Aprons were also used by quite a few men like blacksmiths, farriers and butchers.  […]

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