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Our Homestead: Moving Day!

Posted by: Patsy

Let me begin by saying that my dear hubby had said it would be great to get on the land by his dear departed Mom’s birthday.

We got a call from our mobile home mover,  on a certain day,  that they could come move the trailer the very next day. After raining for almost two weeks, the day had finally got here. We was moving on my Mother-in-law’s birthday!!!! Hubby got his wish.

Wow! I had been boxing up a few breakables and trying to get pictures, etc. off the walls so I would be prepared. Well, when the mover got there, he walked through the trailer to see if things were in place for him to move it. He wanted as little damage as possible. Was I in for a surprise! He told my hubby, “she is going to have to move most of the stuff in the front two bedrooms back behind the axles, which is the kitchen area and our bedroom. We moved things like crazy.

When he hooked up to the trailer to move it, the siding started to buckle and he stopped. He said he would give us about an hour before he would have to come back the next day, IF it didn’t rain again.

We had to literally move books, canned food, my scrapbook stuff and any heavy things out of the front rooms.

I called one of my sisters and she came down and I gave her a lot of things out of those rooms. It was just too heavy. The mover tried again, and still wasn’t at peace with it, and so we unloaded our couch and love seat and gave them to my sister. We had inherited hubby’s Mom’s set and they were in storage at the time.

This is what happens when you have TOO much clutter or use an extra bedroom as a storage room.

Finally, the mover was satisfied, but told us that he would go slow and if anything happened, it would be our liability. By this time we was so tired, we was like “just get it moved.”

Talking about stressful!!!! I didn’t even want to follow behind the mover, in case something did happen. God is good and let it make it to the property in good order.

The mover did a great job and the guys that worked with him, had it so we could sleep in it that night. We didn’t have water yet, but was able to have power to it. We ran a water hose to our property in the next county, (we own property that is split in two counties,) for water and my hubby got our sewer hooked up.

Do you know how good it is to be on your “own” property after paying lot rent for over 30 years? Let me tell you, it feels GREAT!!!!!!!!

Soon to come: Getting settled


One Response to “Our Homestead: Moving Day!”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Patsy, so good to hear you are finally “lot-fee-free”!!!!!!!!!! It’s been a long road for you guys to get to your own property but it’s worth it!!!

    Isn’t it easy to collect stuff and then you realize how much you have when you have to move it!

    Can’t wait to read up on getting settled.

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