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Our Homestead: Clearing the land

Posted by: Patsy

Hubby working on building a fire.Hubby's bro. helping us

We had asked a guy that I had been renting our previous trailer lot from his family for over 30 years to bring his dozier and clear our land.

He came over to look at it, and went to work on it.

Well, he and I walked over the new land to see exactly where I wanted the trailer to sit. He found a “ridge” which is the higher point on our property and said that would be a great place to put it. We talked to my dear hubby about it, and he agreed.

So….. two days later the land was cleared enough to put the trailer on it. The guy put down a dirt pad, which is required so that water will not pool under the trailer.

The above photos are: my dear hubby working on getting a good fire started and the second photo is his brother helping us cut up and burn some of the pile of rubble that was bull-dozed up.

You can see the red clay dirt pad that they put down to set our trailer on in the second photo.

Coming soon: MOVING DAY!


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