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Our Homestead: Getting things ready

Posted by: Patsy

We finally got an address to our property! It will be used for 911 purposes and for a mailing address.

We had to wait on the rain to let up before we could get a PERC test and have a septic system put in. No city system out this far. We are about 12 miles out of town. This is our new septic system at the back of our property. It is situated so that the back of the mobile home will be in front of it and it will not be seen from the yard nor road.




One day, our well guy came out to see where we wanted to put a well down, and then the same day, the septic guy called us and came out. Then, while they were there, the electric people placed our line. Talking about things snowballing!

Next came the power pole. My dear husband decided to go ahead and buy one made up to the specifications of the county, so it would be sure to pass inspection.

He installed it himself, along with his younger brother. They did a great job.

Septic system was put in over two days time, but the well still isn’t down, due to the guy getting the flu and had to pull off the job. He works by himself. Of course, he refunded us back our money.

My 91 year old Dad came up and tried for 3 days to dig a well, or at least he supervised. My husband and a few others were helping to wash the well down. After 3 days, we ran out of funds to continue. Right now, we are running water from one county side to the other. We have water on part of our land, just not close enough to have good water pressure.


2 Responses to “Our Homestead: Getting things ready”

  1. Tammy Says:

    That stinks on the well, Patsy! Could you run your existing water to a pump house and then pump with pressure from that? I know a lot of old timers did that and many didn’t even have well pumps, they just filled the well house at one level and they got pressure from gravity feed out of the bottom.

  2. Patsy Says:

    Yes, Tammy, we have thought about doing that. We can stay on the water well we have for 2 years. My hubby’s Aunt ran pipes to one county side, but not the other. The pump is actually, on a business property that she owns, but is selling. The final payment on that property will be paid off in 2 years. So…. we can SAVE up until then to get our own well put down.

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