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Our Homestead

Posted by: Patsy

As many of you know, we finally bought some property of our own. After living where I have lived for over 30 years, and paying someone lot rent, I am so ready to have a little piece of God’s great earth to call our own.

The first picture is looking at the spot that we cleared to put our mobile home.


This is along the property line across the road. Our land is in two counties.


This photo shows 5 trees we took out to put in our driveway, and it’s also, looking back toward a major highway. There is a mobile home to the right, but it is not our’s. We own the land behind this mobile home and beside it.


The land came through an Aunt owing money to my dh and she had this property for sale. Dh asked her about swapping out what she owed him, for the property and she did so. All was done legally, through a lawyer and there was no liens nor taxes owed on the property. This land was up for sale for over 2 years and no one wanted to spend time nor money to develop it.

It’s a little over 5 acres of beautiful land. Over two acres wasn’t cleared and as it was, it actually wasn’t very valuable. Now, that we have our mobile home on it and have developed it, it is much more valuable.

To go from owing to owning is an awesome feeling.


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