Best start at the beginning……

Posted by: Debi Roberts

Thus begins the mad, insane adventure! My husband and I have had a terrible last two years. More emotionally than anything else.  We made a major decision to completely change our lifestyle, and have sold our home in South Texas and Moved far north to his home state of Nebraska. Most of our friends think [...]

Say hi to our new homestead blogger!

Posted by: Tammy

Debi is joining our blogging team!  Debi was living in Texas and living a homesteading lifestyle there but she and her husband have made a BIG move to Nebraska now!  They found a 22 acre, fixer-upper farm that is their dream!  Now they’re really going all out to repair and update the little farmhouse a [...]

The Aprons in my life

Posted by: Tammy

There used to be a time when aprons were a necessity and acceptable wear for women in the home.    Aprons protected the clothing underneath from all matter of kitchen messes and dirt (from little hands and trips to the garden).  Aprons were also used by quite a few men like blacksmiths, farriers and butchers.  [...]

Sunshine on my winter weary shoulders

Posted by: Tammy

It was a long winter and Mother Nature wasn’t done with us!  A freak “overachieving” storm dumped well past the predicted 9 to 12 inches of snow to rudely deliver about 23 inches of snow!   But, this is New England and if you don’t like the weather on minute, just wait a minute and [...]

‘Tis Soup and Stew Season!

Posted by: Tammy

I love fall and winter for so many reasons.  Winter gives me permission to stay inside and enjoy the pleasures of quilting and crafting.  It also leads me to the kitchen and tummy warming pleasures of soups and stews.  I love the aroma wafting out of the kitchen as a stew simmers on the stove [...]

Toilet Cleaning 101!!!

Posted by: Tigger

Hello to all  my Frugal Friends!!! My name is Tiggersassy although I go by Tigger most of the time and I am part of the Frugal Family here.  I am the owner of a commercial cleaning business with my husband and today’s tip is how to clean a toilet. Having cleaned over 1000 toilets in [...]

End of year pantry decluttering

Posted by: Sue

Earlier this year – right before we moved to our new home up north – I went through all the canned goods. Because, while they have a long shelf life, they do have a “best by” or “use by” date. I brought up all the canned stuff from the basement that had 2012 “use by” [...]

Hair today and gone today!

Posted by: Tammy

Just over four years ago, I made my first hair donation to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program.   The Pantene program requires an 8″ donation and they provide wigs for FREE through the American Cancer Society.  I have known quite a few woman who received wigs from the ACS and I have captained two Relay for [...]

Blueberries in the Landscaping

Posted by: Tammy

I’m a big advocate of edible landscaping.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy flowers and non-edible additions to my yard, but if I have a choice of spending our hard-earned money on non-edibles or edibles, I’ll go with the edibles.  In addition, if I’m going to put my time and effort into cultivating something, I’d [...]

Dried up air and apples!

Posted by: Tammy

The passing of another summer.  I heard the first geese honking good-bye to me the other afternoon on their way to their winter homes.  Hard to believe another summer has come and gone.  Honestly, it wasn’t one of the greatest for me.  I was very sick with asthmatic bronchitis just after July 4th and my [...]

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