10 Fat Saving Substitutes

The easiest way to reduce the fat in any recipe is to use a lower fat version of the ingredient. In some cases a complete substitute can be used instead.

To reduce the fat in any of your recipes you can use any of the following:

1. Evaporated Skim Milk: Use in soups or sauces instead of heavy cream to cut the calories and fat.

2. Fat-Free Plain Yogurt: Use instead of sour cream. Much lower in fat and higher in calcium.

3. Prunes: Use pureed prunes or baby food prunes as a substitute in baked chocolate recipes. The prunes are naturally sweet and greatly reduce both calories and fat.

4. Marshmallow Creme: Use this instead of margarine or butter in frostings. Marshmallow creme is fat free.

5. Applesauce: Use applesauce in baked products instead of oil, margarine or butter.

6. Fruit Juice: Use as a non fat salad dressing or marinade.White grape, apple, orange or pineapple juice can be used instead of oil. You can also combine these juices with de-fatted chicken broth for a less fruity dressing.

7. Egg Whites: Substitute two egg whites for one whole egg. Your big saving here will be cholesterol.

8. Cocoa Powder: To add great chocolate flavor without adding fat use cocoa powder.

9. Low-Fat Cream Soup: Use instead of regular cream soup. You can cut your fat by 99%.

10. Phyllo Dough: Instead of using a regular pastry pie crust make it with phyllo dough.

Experiment with these tips in your recipes and you will find that you will be able to cut a tremendous amount of fat without sacrificing flavor.

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